Capital Public  Affairs Inc.

Capital Public Affairs Inc.

A full service government relations and public affairs firm.

Helping our clients succeed in the world of public policy and decision making.

Capital Public Affairs is a full service government relations and public affairs consulting firm. We focus on facilitating our client’s ability to deliver on their strategic objectives. In today’s fast paced world, knowledge of how governments function and how they make decisions is the key to successfully interacting with decision makers.

Capital Public Affairs has several years of experience in dealing with local, provincial and federal government decision makers. We are passionate about helping our clients successfully engage in the public policy process.

Government is complex, and following the issues and legislative processes can be time consuming, yet having insight into government can be critical in achieving our client’s strategic goals. Capital Public Affairs provides the who, what, where, when and how of government decision making, so our clients can focus on their business. 



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